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Migrating to with success

One of our biggest clients is the British Council. Over the years, we have helped the British Council to design and develop the common Drupal distribution that powers over 120 [...]

Why custom post types belong in plugins

Every now and then I notice a bit of noise around this matter in the WordPress community: Why custom post types belong in plugins. To me, the matter is so [...]

Drush, Multi-site, and sites.php

I first raised this issue in October 2012; then I moved it as a pull request on Github when drush development moved there. Eventually, @weitzman worked out his own fix [...]

SWField – Seeking co-maintainers

SWField provides a "Flash" widget type to CCK. This modules leverages the functionality of FileField and behaves nearly identically. SWField widgets will give you a nice thumbnail preview of the [...]

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