Agile Processes

Our specialty is to know Agile techniques like Scrum and Kanban, and be able to integrate that with the state-of-the-art tools for a modern development process.

The challenges

  • Are you still battling with CVS, SVN or other nightmare-like SCMs?
  • Do you still have a hybrid approach between Waterfall and Agile? Do you do Scrum-but everyday?
  • Do your developers still work committing to master?
  • Do terms like feature-branching, vendor-tracking, code reviews, multi-stage deployment sounds new to you?

We can help

  • We are committed to full agile;
  • We love using the latest tools to make developers workflow smooth, nice, modern and efficient.
  • We love applications deployed with no other human intervention other than merging a branch or clicking a button. That is, Zero-touch Deployment.
  • Wherever we go, we push for the adoption of the latest procedures for development process and management.
  • When Scrum is required, we push it for it to be used at its purest form.
  • We love integrating Agile Project Management with Development Workflow, tying in together tools like JIRA, Greenhopper, Github, Travis, Jenkins, Automations Tests, etc.;
  • We are advocates of Code Reviewing, Feature-branching, with 1:1 relationship between Feature (User) Stories and Feature Branches;
  • We are advocates of branch-based unit and functional testing to validate a branch as ready to be merged;
  • …and much more.

We love turning organisations around by pushing the limits of every single member involved towards the best practices of Software Development.