Drupal Mastery

We suppose many have got their own definition of such a role. There are those who think a Drupal Master is someone that knows all the APIs by heart. Or maybe someone who knows all the contributed modules like the back of their hand and knows how to put them together to build a site. What about this: a Drupal Master is someone who

  • Is a well-rounded software engineer who understands about development and test best practices in general and knows the specific of applying it to Drupal;
  • Knows the overall architecture of Drupal and knows how to make the best choice for the particular problem;
  • Knows how Drupal is thought out, therefore can predict what APIs are available and what for;
  • Knows the overall design principles of Drupal and main contributed modules (like Features, Views, etc.) and can tell easily what a fault’s root cause is;
  • Knows the pros and cons of Drupal and does not mystify or idolise the platform, but carefully advises about when and how to use it properly and whether or not it is necessary to integrate with third parties platforms and services;
  • Knows how to achieve a zero-touch deployment for both existing and new sites;
  • Knows how to scale Drupal, its weaknesses performance-wise, and how to work around them;
  • Knows how to implement a modern enterprise development workflow around it;
  • Knows the power of extending Drupal to integrate with nearly anything.

This, and much more, is you what you get with Artetecha.