Pantheon Silver Partner

We are a proud partner of Pantheon. Pantheon combines high-level, container-based hosting with modern development workflows, to achieve the best results for both the developers and the users of your website. It guarantees that your user will be able to edit the content of your site whilst new features are being developed and tested, all without interference.

Pantheon ensures your website will continue to perform at high speeds, with minimal need for support. The platform automatically does much of the work required to keep professional-grade WordPress and Drupal sites fast, secure, and scalable. Here are five reasons why we recommend it to our clients.

The True Cost of Cheap Hosting

Cheaper hosting may seem like a bargain, but these plans are not designed to keep your Drupal and WordPress sites consistently secure, fast, and up-to-date. These plans don’t offer development and testing environments, reliable automated backups, or a reasonable and secure manner for developers to collaborate on a project. These are all things your developers need and their agency will need to bill you for the hours they spend putting these pieces in place. The true costs of cheap hosting can add up to thousands of pounds a year for ongoing maintenance and troubleshooting. With Pantheon, we eliminate a lot of those hidden costs.

Squeeze More ROI from Your Investment

Every penny you spend on web development should contribute to the growth of your business. Using open-source CMS like Drupal and WordPress brings you closer to that goal, as developers don’t need to start from scratch. However, they must still spend many hours on system administration. Pantheon allows you to funnel 100% of your investment in web development directly to the high-value features and strategy that grow your business. And not just while your website is in development, but for its entire lifetime.

The Fastest Platform for Websites. Full stop.

Your business performance depends on your website performance. For every second visitors wait, conversions drop 7 percent. Pantheon is tuned to deliver the fastest performance possible. Third-parties like Loadstorm rate Pantheon as #1 in performance and reliability. The platform is so ridiculously fast that sites migrating from generic hosting see dramatic speed boosts instantly. Read more about Pantheon speed and performance.

Be Impervious to Website Attacks

If you never want to be hacked, Pantheon is the platform of choice. Pantheon makes continuous platform-wide upgrades so you don’t need to ask a developer about Heartbleed, Internet Doomsday, or other risks du jour. Pantheon also enables your developers to quickly update your site in one click. No site that follows security best practices on Pantheon has ever been hacked, despite millions of attempts across tens of thousands of sites. Read more about Pantheon Security.

Save Billable Hours by Staying in Sync with Your Agency

Want to hire us again? One quick email to developers and we can log in and be working on a new feature at a moment’s notice. Identical environments keep work-in-progress separate from your live site, so you’ll never need to see screenshots or hand-drawn wireframes to know what developers are up to. See the test site exactly as it will appear when it’s live. Developers used to spend billable hours configuring these environments by hand. Now those hours can go straight into your features wish list.