Vincenzo worked at The Economist for one and a half year as Senior Software Architect. As a such, he was part of the main development team based in London, UK and liaising daily with the main team based over in New York, USA. When I jumped on board, the most famous migration to Drupal known to the community was still going on.


  • Helped completing one of the biggest Economist.com’s technical goals of the recent years: the migration from a legacy ColdFusion-based publishing platform to a Drupal-based open source platform backed by a top-notch infrastructure consisting of multi-master/multi-slave MySQL database server, Varnish, Memcache, etc.;
  • Designed and coded the new Drupal import procedure for articles coming from the print edition;
  • Designed and coded the new, Varnish-aware, Paywall;
  • Helped with designing internal APIs;
  • Enabled SSL Proxy support;
  • Created a new CCK field for SWF files;
  • etc.;

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