SWField provides a “Flash” widget type to CCK. This modules leverages the functionality of FileField and behaves nearly identically. SWField widgets will give you a nice thumbnail preview of the movie when uploaded. Display options (formatters) within CCK are provided by SWF Tools, a module which this one dependends on. While a few formatters could have been implemented natively in this module, it has been chosen to depend on SWF Tools because this leaves open a handful of options to improve the widget in the future, such as the support for a HTML alternative, support for movie players, to mention a few.

SWField was originally developed for The Economist. The module is stuck on Drupal 6 and as of yet I am not even sure whether it is worth it to develop it further. So I’ll throw this out there and see what happens. If you want to be added as co-maintainer, please contact Vincenzo via drupal.org