Shiny WordPress

WordPress is often regarded as a minor platform in the world of Enterprise CMS. Yet, do not underestimate the extensibility and the flexibility of this platform, combined with a very short time-to-market for many common scenarios.

But who do you need to make WordPress shiny?

Perhaps someone who

  • Is a well-rounded software engineer who understands about development and test best practices in general and knows the specific of applying it to WordPress;
  • Knows the overall architecture of WordPress and knows how to make the best choice for the particular problem;
  • Knows how WordPress is thought out, therefore can predict what APIs are available and what for;
  • Knows when and how to use WordPress properly and appropriately, and whether or not it is necessary to integrate with third parties platforms and services;
  • Knows how to achieve a zero-touch deployment for both existing and new sites;
  • Knows how to scale WordPress, its weaknesses performance-wise, and how to work around them;
  • Knows how to implement a modern enterprise development workflow around it;

This, and much more, is you what you get with Artetecha.