cURL HTTP Request has been released.

This is a module intended for developers, as it provides just one API to call: curl_http_request(). The function curl_http_request() is an alternative implementation of Drupal core function drupal_http_request() using cURL. The function intends to be backwards compatible with drupal_http_request(), by accepting the same parameters in the same form and by returning the response in the same format.

Proxy support

cURL HTTP request does provide some extra features, though: it allows for requests to be sent via proxy, whether they are HTTP or HTTPS request. It can even support different proxies for HTTP and HTTPS. Basic proxy authentication via username and password is also supported as well as an exception list of hostnames not to be contacted via proxy.

Sample proxy settings

An example of the proxy configuration that you must add to your settings.php in order to have proxy support in your request via curl_http_request():


This module was partially sponsored by iTV and Coldfront Labs Inc.


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