The British Council

Vincenzo was hired in the context of the Digital programme to create a common Drupal platform for more than 100 British Council country sites. When he joined the organisation, they had [...]

ITV iPlayer

Vincenzo was hired at ITV to join the in-house team that had slowly been replacing the third-party teams that originally started the development of their iPlayer. Things we did JS [...]

Iris Digital

Vincenzo was at Iris Digital for a short period of three days. They required a Drupal 7 expert to urgently fix their performance problems. Highlights Successfully rewritten the Views [...]

The Economist

Overview Vincenzo worked at The Economist for one and a half year as Senior Software Architect. As a such, he was part of the main development team based in [...]

Turner – Cartoon Network

Overview Manarth and Vincenzo were in charge of doing a performance audit on the Cartoon Network UK website (Drupal 6). Highlights Debug and profiling of the application via XDebug; Report with the audit results [...]