The British Council

Vincenzo was hired in the context of the Digital programme to create a common Drupal platform for more than 100 British Council country sites. When he joined the organisation, they had [...]

Alexander Street Press

Vincenzo was at Alexander Street Press for a one-day consultancy. They required a Drupal 7 expert for an urgent one-day training session around deployment, development workflows with Drupal, and [...]

ITV iPlayer

Vincenzo was hired at ITV to join the in-house team that had slowly been replacing the third-party teams that originally started the development of their iPlayer. Things we did JS [...]

Iris Digital

Vincenzo was at Iris Digital for a short period of three days. They required a Drupal 7 expert to urgently fix their performance problems. Highlights Successfully rewritten the Views [...]

Code Enigma

Vincenzo was at Code Enigma for six months acting as Development Team Leader. Highlights Helped improving the internal development process contributing on Scrum, deployment strategies, internal Git hosting, code [...]

The Economist

Overview Vincenzo worked at The Economist for one and a half year as Senior Software Architect. As a such, he was part of the main development team based in [...]

Turner – Cartoon Network

Overview Manarth and Vincenzo were in charge of doing a performance audit on the Cartoon Network UK website (Drupal 6). Highlights Debug and profiling of the application via XDebug; Report with the audit results [...]

Channel Five

Overview For several months, Vincenzo was part of the team (on behalf of ibuildings, now Inviqa) in charge of building a micro-site builder for Back then, Channel Five [...]

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