Our biggest client, The British Council, has won a RITA industry innovation award yesterday, in the category of Infrastructure as an Enabler. The Head of Digital Operations says

I know it was a massive team effort – but as the idea originally came from yourselves – I’d like to thank you both personally for enabling this to happen. This is a truly innovative solution we should all be proud of.

In the quote above, you is plural and it refers to two individuals, one of which is Vincenzo, who consults at the British Council to advice on solutions architecture. Vincenzo was one of the two loudest voices who convinced the British Council to adopt a modern infrastructure solution: platform.sh. Similarly to our partners Pantheon, which I consider the true pioneers of this approach, platform.sh is a container based solution that integrates modern and robust deployment with development best practices, such as feature branches, snapshotting, environment synchronisation, etc.

All this was combined with a smart architecture for the codebase, with a core distribution profile now living in its own repo, whilst the sites based on it are all independent and isolated.

Thanks to all this, the British Council is today in a much better position, ready to look forward to new and exciting projects.